Get ready for a magical journey like no other at Tokyo DisneySea’s newest and highly anticipated addition: Fantasy Springs! This enchanting expansion opens in just two weeks and promises to bring the beloved worlds of “Tangled,” “Frozen,” and “Peter Pan” to life with breathtaking detail. Whether you’re a young Disney fan eager to meet your favorite characters or an adult ready to relive your childhood fantasies, Fantasy Springs has something special for everyone.

But hold on to your Mickey ears! Accessing Fantasy Springs isn’t as simple as buying a general admission ticket and rushing to the gates. Here are three ways to make the most of this incredible new experience, each with its unique pros and cons.

**1. Standby Pass**
For those with a 1-Day Passport, the Standby Pass is a fantastic option. This free pass, bookable through the Tokyo Disney Resort App, allows you to queue for specific experiences at designated times, including rides, shops, shows, and restaurants. If you snag a pass for any Fantasy Springs experience, you can enter during your specified time slot.

– It’s free with your 1-Day Passport.

– High demand may make it tough to get.
– Only one pass at a time per experience.
– Long wait times can still occur.
– Entry is limited to your time slot with no re-entry.

**2. Disney Premier Access Experience**
Looking to skip the long standby lines? The Disney Premier Access system is your ticket to shorter wait times. Available on the app for ¥2,000 per ride per person, these passes provide expedited access to all three major new attractions: Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, and Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival.

– Significantly reduced wait times.

– Additional fees required.

**3. 1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic**
For the ultimate Fantasy Springs experience, consider the 1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic. This exclusive pass grants entry to Tokyo DisneySea and full access to Fantasy Springs without re-entry restrictions or time slots. However, it’s only available to guests staying at the new Fantasy Springs Hotel or through a vacation package at another Tokyo Disney Resort hotel.

– Unlimited access to all Fantasy Springs attractions (except Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies).
– You can experience attractions multiple times.
– Re-entry to Fantasy Springs is allowed.

– Exclusivity to resort hotel guests.
– Higher cost (¥22,900 compared to general admission starting at ¥7,900).

Fantasy Springs is set to cast its spell on visitors starting June 6, 2024. For the best planning experience, book your tickets online now, with prices varying from ¥8,900 to ¥10,900 depending on the day. For more details, visit the [Tokyo Disney Resort]( website.

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