There are endless ways to experience the magic at The Walt Disney Company, and Dion, a manager with Hong Kong Disneyland’s Horticulture team, is a shining example of this. Starting her Disney journey in decoration services, Dion’s 20-year career has seen her bloom in various roles, including facilities management. Now, she leads a dedicated team that transforms Hong Kong Disneyland with stunning florals and intricate topiaries.

As a passionate leader, Dion embodies the “Disney difference,” ensuring everyone feels both comfortable and welcomed. Her theater and project management background has inspired her to always find joy in her work. “At Disney, we ensure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome,” Dion shares. “Being a leader, I have appreciation and respect for my cast members.” Her approach is rooted in appreciation and respect, creating a collaborative and supportive atmosphere for her team.

This year, Dion’s team faced a unique challenge: redesigning the main entrance’s floral display from the iconic Mickey Mouse silhouette to Duffy the Disney Bear. Despite the numerous hurdles, Dion’s problem-solving skills, encouragement, and active listening helped her team succeed. The final result—Duffy warmly welcoming Hong Kong Disneyland visitors—is a testament to their hard work and ingenuity.

Dion’s story doesn’t just highlight her achievements but also reflects the broader range of opportunities at Disney. “There are many diverse opportunities for everyone,” she says. “Find something that aligns with your interests and keep growing your skills. You can do anything!”

If Dion’s journey has inspired you, there are many ways to be part of the magic at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Whether you’re interested in horticulture, entertainment, or another department, open roles are waiting for passionate individuals ready to make their mark. You can learn more about available positions [here](

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