When you think of the magic of Disney, enchanting shows, thrilling rides, and meeting cherished characters come to mind. But for a group of dedicated students from Washougal High School, it’s an opportunity to learn, perform, and grow in ways that go beyond the usual park memories. Early next year, 22 students from Washougal High’s “Music in Motion” American Sign Language (ASL) group will head to Disneyland for the Disney Imagination Campus program in Anaheim, California. This special program, occurring in February 2025, is more than just a visit—it’s an immersive educational experience offering workshops and performances that will have these students learning from Disney professionals and performing on Disney stages.

Tami Grant, the ASL teacher leading the group, is thrilled about the potential for growth this opportunity provides. “This is a younger group,” she mentioned, “so it’ll be fun to see how they learn and grow, and how that translates by the time they’re seniors.” The Disney Imagination Campus program, as per their [website](https://disneyland.disney.go.com/dl/education/), isn’t just about performance; it incorporates scientific principles like gravity and force into understanding Disney ride designs, solving real-world challenges, and fostering leadership skills through interactive and hands-on learning experiences.

Participation in this program is no small feat. The students had to undergo an audition process that involved submitting videos to Disney for approval. Music in Motion, founded in 2016, prides itself on being a community group, integrating students from various schools and even college. The group’s past performances at Disneyland in 2018, 2022, and 2023 have been both a learning experience and a confidence booster for the students. “Presenting at Disneyland makes any other presentations feel smaller in scale and less intimidating,” Grant elaborated, discussing the broader impacts on the students’ lives.

This year, they will be engaging in the “Teamwork the Disney Way” workshop, which provides invaluable insights into leadership and teamwork, essentials for any endeavor these students pursue in the future. As they rehearse their 30-minute ASL performance featuring seven musical numbers over the next few months, their journey will be marked by dedication and excitement. Chloe Bennett, a sophomore, shared her enthusiasm on her GoFundMe page: “I believe it is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn social skills.” Similarly, sophomore Joselyn Guajardo, who aspires to become an ASL interpreter, views this trip as a chance to gain invaluable experience and hone her skills.

Grant highlights the additional benefits provided by Disney, including interactions with professional interpreters, which offer students a firsthand look into their future career aspirations. Disney interpreters have been notably generous with their time and insights, further enriching the students’ experiences.

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