As we gear up for the grand opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort on June 28, excitement is building among Disney fans. Enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating a journey down the bayou in the company of Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, and other beloved characters from “The Princess and the Frog.” Disney has already treated us with an official full-ride POV on YouTube—perfect for those who can’t wait to experience the magic in person.

Meanwhile, the digital chatter has been buzzing! With previews offered to Disney cast members and Annual Passholders, initial feedback has hit social media, revealing fans’ varied reactions to the ride. Some have expressed concerns about frequent breakdowns and thematic execution, while others gush over the new additions. It seems opinions are divided, sparking heated discussions online.

In a surprising twist, Disneyland Resort fans have taken to Reddit to brainstorm alternative themes for reimagining Splash Mountain, currently still under construction. From modern favorites like “Moana” and “Zootopia” to nostalgic classics like “Winnie the Pooh” and “The Jungle Book,” fans are rich with ideas. Though it’s delightful to speculate, many appreciate the transition from “Song of the South” to a tale steeped in inclusivity and contemporary charm.

Among the colorful suggestions, options included turning Splash Mountain into a Zootopian adventure with Judy Hopps or a Hawaiian voyage with Moana. Some even suggested weaving in the beloved characters of Winnie the Pooh or the adventurous spirit of “The Jungle Book,” envisioning a hilltop showdown with Shere Khan. And how could we forget the Disney Renaissance classics? Fans mused over “Pocahontas,” “Aladdin,” and “The Lion King,” imagining epic ride sequences set to their iconic soundtracks.

Despite mixed feelings around the execution, the transition towards Tiana’s Bayou Adventure reflects a commitment to embracing more diverse storytelling. Critics have pointed out missed opportunities, like Dr. Facilier’s exclusion, but the ride’s connection to New Orleans Square at Disneyland adds a cherished coherence.

As we eagerly await the opening and continuing updates on Disneyland’s counterpart, we invite you to join the conversation. What theme would you love to see in place of Splash Mountain? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and share this story with fellow Disney enthusiasts. Let’s keep the magic alive together!

Credit: Jess Colopy, Inside the Magic.

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