Exciting news from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! The highly anticipated Alien Pizza Planet Truck Popcorn Bucket, first unveiled at Disneyland Resort’s Pixar Fest 2024, has finally zoomed into Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Fans of “Toy Story” and Pixar’s fleet of films will undoubtedly recognize this unique collectible, now available for purchase.

This delightful popcorn bucket, priced at $24.59, is crafted to resemble the iconic Pizza Planet truck introduced in the original “Toy Story” movie. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the truck features the signature Pizza Planet logo and the truck’s signature little green men gazing out from the windows. Inside the cab, there’s a removable figure of an alien dressed in a Pizza Planet uniform clutching a pizza box, which only adds to the fun!

For those craving a nostalgic treat as they stroll through the park, the truck’s bed doubles as a convenient compartment to hold a generous serving of popcorn. The popcorn bucket comes filled on purchase, making it a delightful snack and souvenir combo. Note that purchases are limited to two buckets per person per transaction and availability is dependent on stock at the various popcorn carts throughout the park.

Disneyland Resort had previously hidden over 50 of these re-painted trucks throughout the park during Pixar Fest, adding an extra layer of excitement for guests. Now Hollywood Studios visitors can grab their piece of Pixar history and enjoy the added whimsy during their Disney adventure.

Spotted with a red and white checkered strap featuring black-and-white images of iconic Pizza Planet characters and items, this bucket not only serves as a functional item but also a charming collectible.

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