Exciting changes are afoot at Disney California Adventure! The legendary Blue Sky Cellar is transforming into the new Disney Vacation Club (DVC) “Welcome Home Center,” and we’ve got all the magical details.

In a relocation move that’s sure to delight guests, Disney Imagination Campus participants will now enjoy the former Beast’s Library area within Disney Animation. This shift frees up the Blue Sky Cellar to undergo its own transformation. Newly installed signage and a fresh coat of paint on the building herald in the arrival of the Golden Vine House DVC “Welcome Home Center.”

From the look of the signage, it appears that this new center will function primarily as a preview spot for DVC, similar to other DVC Open Houses where potential members can get an introduction to the vacation magic that awaits them. Although specific details are scarce at the moment, we’re eagerly awaiting more information on what this new center will offer guests.

The Blue Sky Cellar has its own storied history, once serving as a preview center during the park’s transformation phases, showcasing new attractions like Cars Land, Buena Vista Street, and Pixar Pier. Before that, it was home to the immersive film experience, Seasons of the Vine, which celebrated California’s vineyard culture.

Curious about when you can step inside this newly minted “Welcome Home Center”? As of now, no official opening date has been announced. Stay tuned for updates as they become available!

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