Exciting news for all Disney fans! Anger, from the beloved “Inside Out” movies, is set to make his grand debut at Disney California Adventure as part of the Pixar Fest 2024 celebrations. Starting June 14, guests will get the unique opportunity to meet Anger alongside his fellow emotions, Joy and Sadness, in an unforgettable encounter that’s sure to stir up a whirlwind of emotions—pun intended!

This eagerly anticipated meet-and-greet will be located at the Pixar Pier Band Shell. Make sure to capture the moment as you interact with Anger, the fiery emotion who sometimes steals the show. Joy and Sadness will also make appearances, adding to the emotional roller coaster of the experience. Disney’s attention to detail ensures that each character encounter is authentic and truly magical, making it a must-visit during your next trip to Disneyland Resort.

With “Inside Out 2” hitting theaters on the same day, June 14, this meet-and-greet offers the perfect way to immerse yourself in the latest adventures from Riley’s emotional headquarters. Fans eagerly awaiting the sequel can get a sneak peek into what Anger and the gang have been up to, bridging the gap between the big screen and the theme park experience.

Be sure to mark your calendars and swing by Pixar Pier from June 14 onwards. This exclusive chance to meet Anger and his friends is bound to be a highlight of Pixar Fest 2024. For those planning a visit, don’t forget to check out our full guide to Pixar Fest 2024, packed with tips and insider info to make the most of your trip.

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