Excitement is soaring at Hong Kong Disneyland as the much-anticipated Marvel Season of Super Heroes has officially kicked off, bringing a plethora of new experiences for guests of all ages. The event unveils two riveting new shows, amazing merchandise, delectable food offerings, and a sneak peek at Marvel-themed hotel rooms.

In the heart of Tomorrowland, Arnim Zola and Hydra have taken over Stark Expo, plunging the area into a dazzling display of action and heroism. During the daytime show, “Find Your Super Power: Battle for Stark Expo,” park-goers have the chance to join forces with fan-favorites like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Star-Lord to thwart Hydra’s bold heist attempt of the Arc Reactor. When night falls, “Find Your Super Power: Battle in the Sky” takes the action skyward. This nighttime spectacle features Iron Man, Thor, and other Avengers battling Hydra’s drones in a stunning drone light show, marking an unforgettable end to the day.

Marvel fans can also indulge in superhero-themed merchandise that’s as heroic as the characters themselves. From customized S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent IDs to apparel lines featuring iconic heroes and even a Black Panther Infinity Gauntlet, there’s something for everyone. Not to be missed are the new COSBABY collectibles from Hot Toys, which make their exclusive debut at the park.

What’s a Disney event without some scrumptious new bites? The Starliner Diner leads the charge with the Iron Man Burger Combo and the Super Soda served in a new Avengers sipper. For those on the go, mouth-watering options include the Hulked-out Super Power Churro and the whimsical Spider-Man Popcorn Bucket. Over at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, the Enchanted Garden Restaurant tempts with desserts themed to Groot, Loki, Iron Man, and Thor. Meanwhile, The Archivist bar at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel introduces three new hero-themed cocktails that are just as impressive.

Beginning August 9, guests can experience new Marvel-themed rooms at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, complete with a Quinjet soaring above Stark Tower in the room’s creative decor. Early bird bookings open on May 10, so don’t miss out! Guests can also engage in Marvel-themed arts and crafts and even purchase exclusive Groot-themed room products.

Marvel Season of Super Heroes runs through June 10 at Hong Kong Disneyland. Book your heroic adventure now and join the conversation. Have you experienced the Marvel Season of Super Heroes yet? Share your thoughts and favorite moments in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this story with your fellow Marvel fans!

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