Exciting News from the Magic Kingdom: Big Changes for Country Bear Jamboree!

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is always full of surprises and this year is no different! One of its most beloved attractions, the Country Bear Jamboree, is set for a fresh, modern update. This fan-favorite show, known for its folksy charm and catchy (yet sometimes controversial) tunes, is undergoing a significant overhaul to better fit contemporary sensibilities.

Since its debut in 1971, the Country Bear Jamboree has made fans laugh, clap, and sing along with its humorous characters and memorable songs. But times change, and Disney has decided it’s time for the bears to learn some new tricks. Rather than shuttering the show entirely, Disney has opted to reimagine the attraction with new songs and updated performances. The reboot, aptly named “Country Bears Musical Jamboree,” will feature fresh renditions of classic Disney songs tailored for today’s audience.

In an official Disney Parks Instagram post, Audio-Animatronic Costumer Sara Landsberg gave fans a sneak peek of the updated bears. Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah from The Sun Bonnets are now dressed in new, stylish pink and white outfits. Landsberg shared her enthusiasm for the project, stating, “I help source all the fabrics and components and rhinestones…making the garments come together in 3D, and how they’re going to fit the bears, who are all very uniquely shaped and different sizes.”

While the Country Bears prepare for their grand comeback, Frontierland is also bustling with excitement for the opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, replacing the classic Splash Mountain ride. Inspired by the animated film “The Princess and the Frog,” this new attraction promises an exhilarating log-flume experience through the enchanting world of New Orleans.

Of course, there’s always more magic spread across the lands of the Magic Kingdom, from the futuristic thrills of TRON Lightcycle / Run in Tomorrowland to the swashbuckling adventures of Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland. Every corner of the park holds something extraordinary, making Disney World the definitive Most Magical Place on Earth.

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