It’s an enchanting morning at Tokyo DisneySea as the gates to the much-anticipated Fantasy Springs area swung open today, inviting guests to dive into the magic of beloved tales like “Frozen”, “Peter Pan”, and “Tangled”. Marking itself as the eighth themed port in DisneySea, this sprawling 140,000-square-meter wonderland is a dreamy addition adjacent to Tokyo Disneyland. And yes, it’s brimming with spectacles that promise a mesmerizing experience for every Disney fan.

The headline attraction, Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, invites visitors on an icy escapade inspired by Disney’s “Frozen”. Passengers board boats that meander through the breathtaking re-creation of Arendelle, reliving key moments from the film in stunning detail. But the magic doesn’t end there – Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure elevates the thrill by offering an immersive 3D escapade where guests can sail into the heart of pirate-infested waters, dazzling with Disney-fantasy realism.

Ever dreamed of dining in a storybook castle or stepping into Rapunzel’s tower? Fantasy Springs’ three thematic restaurants turn that dream into a reality, serving delicious dishes in settings straight out of Disney classics. And after a day of enchantment, guests can retreat to the area’s all-new hotel – a luxurious 475-room haven inspired by timeless tales like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Bambi”, promising comfort wrapped in Disney nostalgia.

Oriental Land Co., the visionary minds behind this massive project, directed about 320 billion yen (approximately $2.0 billion) to bring Fantasy Springs to life. Initially slated to open in fiscal 2022, the grand unveiling faced delays due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Yet, as an Oriental Land official enthused, “Visitors can immerse themselves deeper than ever into the world of Disney and feel like they are in the films.” Truly, every corner of Fantasy Springs embodies this magical promise.

Tokyo DisneySea, which opened its doors in 2001, has expanded by a significant 20% with this new attraction, ensuring that there’s even more Disney enchantment for guests to explore and enjoy. The array of carefully crafted elements, from the character-engraved fountains to the intricately designed rides and dining spots, all echo Disney’s timeless charm.

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