Get ready for an enchanting new experience at Tokyo DisneySea with the upcoming opening of Fantasy Springs, a blend of spectacular detail, grandeur, and beloved Disney tales.

Fantasy Springs is divided into three immersive areas, each bringing to life renowned Disney stories. First, journey to Arendelle from “Frozen,” where Elsa’s magnificent icy castle sits high on North Mountain. A captivating centerpiece, the castle houses the Royal Banquet Hall of Arendelle, a dining locale infused with regal dark woods, transporting guests into the heart of the animated kingdom. A standout attraction here is the boat ride, Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, which beautifully retells the tale of two sisters discovering the power of love.

Next, explore the Kingdom of Corona, home to the first-ever “Tangled” themed attraction, thrilling fans with a detailed recreation of Rapunzel’s vibrant world. This boat ride uses cutting-edge audio-animatronics and stunning effects to transport guests right into Rapunzel’s story. Fans will also recognize The Snuggly Duckling, the cozy tavern from the film, now a place where dreams can come true over delightful bites.

Lastly, Neverland awaits with the iconic Jolly Roger serving as a key landmark. Peter Pan’s Neverland Adventure offers a reimagined experience of the classic Peter Pan’s Flight, now even more impressive with state-of-the-art enhancements. Hungry explorers can refuel at Lookout Cookout, where favorite Lost Kids’ meals are served.

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For further details and magnificent photos, visit the original article by Kawamura Tetsuya on Laughing Place.