If you thought that line-cutting was just an annoying part of visiting a crowded theme park, think again. An incident at Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad escalated to shocking violence, which left one guest with a ripped earring and a painful memory. This extreme reaction to line-cutting highlights the increasing frustration among parkgoers.

While Disney parks are magical destinations filled with joy and adventure, certain issues seem unavoidable, and line-cutting is one of them. Whether you’re visiting Walt Disney World or Shanghai Disneyland, some guests will attempt to skip the lines. Recently, there seems to be an uptick in such behavior, with many attributing it to the introduction of paid options like Genie+ and Lightning Lanes. By replacing the once-free FastPass system with paid alternatives that can cost up to $39 per person per day, guests unwilling or unable to pay might resort to breaking the rules.

Theme parks like Knott’s Berry Farm have begun implementing measures to combat this behavior, such as signs encouraging guests to report line-cutters. While Disney hasn’t adopted this proactive approach, the growing frustration among guests is evident. Some visitors have taken matters into their own hands, leading to confrontations that turned physical.

One Reddit user recounted seeing a teenager’s earring violently ripped out by an angry guest who she tried to cut in front of. “I never thought I’d see blood splatter on the ground over Big Thunder Mountain Railroad,” they wrote, illustrating the level of outrage that line-jumping can provoke. Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident. Just last year, an altercation broke out on Radiator Springs Racers at Disneyland and another at Soarin’ in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT, revealing that this is a growing problem.

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