Hold onto your pixie dust, Disney fans! The much-anticipated opening of the world’s first Peter Pan-themed land is set to enchant visitors at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort. This whimsical rendition of Never Land offers a tantalizing peek into what the future might hold for Disneyland under its ambitious DisneylandForward expansion plan in Anaheim.

Tokyo DisneySea’s Fantasy Springs will officially welcome guests to Peter Pan’s Never Land on June 6. The land is part of the resort’s latest addition, which also features Rapunzel’s Forest and Frozen Kingdom. Imagining these themed lands at Disneyland in Anaheim just became a little easier, thanks to the city’s recent approval of the DisneylandForward project. This initiative could see beloved characters and stories spread their magic across new park spaces over the next few decades.

Visitors stepping into Fantasy Springs will begin their adventure through a visual spectacle archway representing Peter Pan, Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa. The backstory unfolds as visitors join the nowadays gender-neutral Lost Kids in escapades spanning from Pixie Hollow to Captain Hook’s pirate ship.

The centerpiece attraction, Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, promises a thrilling 3D dark ride experience. Guests will embark on a mission to help Peter Pan and Tinker Bell rescue John from Captain Hook’s clutches. The ride’s innovative combination of motion-based vehicles, 3D effects, and practical sets will make you feel as if you’re flying through the skies with fairy dust.

Another exhilarating ride, Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies, offers a whimsical tour around Pixie Hollow. Shrunk to the size of a fairy, guests will embark on a spinning journey in wicker baskets, surrounded by oversized fairyland artifacts like giant flowers and mushrooms.

Culinary delights at the Lookout Cookout will reflect the playful spirit of the Lost Kids, offering imaginative fare such as the Lost Kids Snack Box and a magical Pixie Dust Soda, sure to sprinkle a bit of fairy magic on your taste buds.

DisneylandForward’s expansion possibilities don’t stop with Peter Pan. The plan teases an array of themed lands based on iconic Disney tales like Tangled, Avatar, Frozen, Zootopia, Toy Story, and more, inviting fans to dream of the enchanting experiences awaiting them.

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