Step inside the enchanting world of Arendelle at Tokyo DisneySea’s Fantasy Springs, where the Royal Banquet of Arendelle awaits to whisk you away on a culinary adventure fit for royalty. Nestled within the Frozen Kingdom section, this counter-service restaurant offers guests an immersive dining experience inside Anna and Elsa’s magnificent castle, complete with “Frozen” melodies serenading diners.

The restaurant boasts a variety of themed dining rooms, each inspired by beloved scenes from the “Frozen” films. The decor, featuring intricate wooden carvings and glittering chandeliers, enhances the fairytale atmosphere. Sponsored by Calbee, Inc., the Royal Banquet of Arendelle serves two sumptuous adult meals known as “Royal Sets,” available in seafood or beef options, alongside a delightful kids’ meal.

Each Royal Set is artfully presented on trays adorned with golden filigree. The seafood set includes a flavorful lobster and redfish pie, potato gratin, and smoked salmon salad, while the beef set showcases a delectable beef pie with perfectly cooked fillings. Both meals conclude with Olaf’s Marshmallow Cocoa Mousse, a whimsical dessert with a surprising lemon-flavored mochi.

For little ones, the kids’ set offers a tasty meatball stew, a potato salad, and a smoked salmon salad, accompanied by fresh broccoli and a slice of orange. However, some elements like the potato salad and fruit jelly receive mixed reviews, with the meatballs standing out as a highlight.

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