Move over traditional potato chips, there’s a new gastronomic delight landing at Tokyo Disney Resort! In a whimsical twist that only Disney could pull off, the resort has partnered with Calbee, Inc. to bring us the brand-new bone-in sausage-flavored potato chips starting July 17, 2024. These unique chips promise to encapsulate the savory goodness of the park’s iconic bone-in sausage, translating the delectable snack into crunchy, munchy form.

Fans will immediately recognize the charming packaging featuring none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse themselves, standing proudly in front of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Each bag is a delightful keepsake in itself, complete with the magical branding of Tokyo Disney Resort and Japanese text. If the packaging doesn’t impress you, the taste surely will—crisp chips that pack all the flavorful punch of the much-loved bone-in sausages found within the parks.

These chips will be accessible for ¥1,000 at two delightful locations: World Bazaar Confectionery in Tokyo Disneyland and Valentina’s Sweets in Tokyo DisneySea. Make sure you grab a bag (or three) as you wander through these enchanting precincts of Tokyo Disney Resort.

This exciting collaboration extends far beyond just snacks. Earlier this year, Tokyo Disney Resort and Calbee, Inc. forged a partnership that now sees Calbee sponsoring a variety of eateries in the parks. This includes the renowned Camp Woodchuck Kitchen in Tokyo Disneyland and two fantastic restaurants within Tokyo DisneySea’s Fantasy Springs: the Royal Banquet of Arendelle and The Snuggly Duckling from “Tangled.”

Are you excited to try these uniquely flavored chips? What do you think about this fusion of classic amusement park food with a timeless crispy snack? Share your thoughts in the comments—we’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget to share this exciting news with your fellow Disney and potato chip enthusiasts!