Although Gracey Manor is renowned for its 999 Happy Haunts, the Haunted Mansion rides in Disneyland and Walt Disney World have been home to some truly iconic phantoms. While the recent addition of the Hatbox Ghost has thrilled fans on both coasts, it seems another ghostly figure may be taking her final bow — the infamous Constance Hatchaway.

Known affectionately (or rather, fearfully) as the Attic Bride or Black Widow Bride, Constance Hatchaway has long captivated and unsettled guests with her haunting visage and murderous bride act. With her bladed bouquet in hand, Constance has contributed significantly to the spine-chilling ambiance of the mansion. However, change is afoot in the eerie corridors of the Haunted Mansion, hinting that Constance might soon be retired.

This wouldn’t be the first bridal revision for the beloved attraction, and Disney has a history of refreshing its characters to keep the experiences both nostalgic and novel. Notably, the ride has featured three major bride incarnations over the years, from the original Beating Heart Bride to the current Constance to Melanie Ravenswood in Disneyland Paris.

Rumors have been circulating, and now, credible sources suggest we may indeed see a new bride gracing the attic. The updates reportedly include modern technological enhancements like improved Pepper’s Ghost effects and new animatronic faces, all pointing towards significant changes. Whether Constance will be upgraded or replaced entirely with a fresh character remains a lively topic among fans.

As reported by the YouTube channel Offhand Disney, the speculation around this transformation has created buzz and debate among enthusiasts. While updates are exciting, Constance’s deep connection to the storytelling in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom means any change will be felt deeply by devotees.

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Source: Inside the Magic