On this day in Disney history, let’s journey back to June 14, 1959, when the Matterhorn Bobsleds made their grand debut at Disneyland, changing thrill rides forever. Along with the innovative attraction, Disneyland also introduced guests to the Monorail and Submarine Voyage. But it was the Matterhorn that stole the spotlight, capturing hearts and adrenaline in equal measure.

Standing majestically at 147 feet tall, Disney’s version of the real Matterhorn in Switzerland is faithfully scaled down yet towers impressively in the Disneyland skyline. The excitement of this ride is due in part to its groundbreaking design; it’s the brainchild of Imagineer Bob Gurr, who has often recounted the project as his most complicated endeavor. With dual tracks and the first-ever tubular steel rails partnered with urethane wheels, the Matterhorn Bobsleds were trailblazers in roller coaster engineering. Fun fact: the same company that erected this iconic steel structure also played a significant role in building the Bay Bridge in San Francisco!

If you’ve never boarded these legendary bobsleds, you’re missing out on a pivotal piece of Disney magic. Whether you’re braving the icy caverns solo or screaming alongside friends, the Matterhorn journey is one of tradition and thrill, inviting riders into a frosty Alpine adventure right in the middle of sunny California.

As we celebrate the Matterhorn’s 65th anniversary in 2024, Disneyland fans might notice some special treats and surprises around the park. Did someone say DOLE Whip? Yes, Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar will be offering a commemorative Matterhorn DOLE Whip treat! Plus, keep an eye out for a limited edition Abominable Snowman Tiki Mug, perfect for remembering your high-speed descent down the icy mountain.

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