Exciting news for Marvel fans! Hong Kong Disneyland is transforming into a superhero haven with the arrival of new Marvel attractions. Visitors can jump into action starting with the heart-pounding Ant-Man and The Wasp Nano Battle, and then take on the thrilling Find Your Super Power: Battle For Stark Expo and Find Your Super Power: Battle In The Sky experiences, which run until June 10.

At night, Tomorrowland morphs into a combat zone as the dastardly Arnim Zola and Hydra storm Stark Expo. Flashing red lights and escalating tension set the scene for an epic showdown, with Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, and other Marvel icons joining forces to defend Howard Stark’s Arc Reactor in the exhilarating Battle For Stark Expo.

But the excitement continues as Zola unveils his latest weaponry—a fleet of formidable Swarmbots—leading to a breathtaking aerial battle in Battle In The Sky. Marvel enthusiasts can team up with heroes like Iron Man and Thor to fend off this airborne assault, highlighted by a dazzling drone display that lights up the night sky.

After the dust settles, guests can snap photos with life-sized statues of their favorite heroes including Iron Man, Captain America, and Ant-Man at the Expo Shop and Pavilion Gifts. Don’t miss out on the delicious Marvel-themed treats offered throughout the experience, such as the Iron Man Burger Combo, Quantum Hot Dog, Hulked-out Super Power Churro, and Spider-Man Popcorn Bucket.

Starting August 9, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel will further enhance the superhero experience by offering Marvel-themed rooms. Guests will be greeted by iconic murals depicting the Quinjet and an ensemble of beloved Marvel characters like Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and more. The adventure continues with the Marvel Super Heroes Arts And Crafts Mission, where visitors can create their very own superhero-inspired ornaments or lamps.

For more information on these thrilling new experiences, visit hongkongdisneyland.com. We’d love to hear your thoughts and excitement about these new Marvel attractions in the comments. Feel free to share this story with fellow Marvel fans and let the adventures begin!