Prepare your pajamas, Disney fans! Tokyo Disney Resort has a delightful new experience on the way that’s perfect for all Minnie Mouse enthusiasts. Beginning November 1, 2024, guests can stay in style at the Disney Ambassador Hotel with the new “Minnie Mouse Room (“Pajama Party” Plan)” offering. This special stay is designed to immerse you in Minnie’s world with charming details and memorable experiences that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

During this unique stay, guests will enjoy exclusive perks tailored to maximize the Minnie Mouse magic. The room itself is a feast for the eyes with Minnie motifs decking out everything from the beds to the wallpaper. Imagine resting on a bed that gives off Minnie vibes, and waking up to a room rich with her character’s joyful spirit! As a special treat, each guest receives a pouch adorned in the room’s decor and two drawstring bags reflecting Minnie’s pajama design – perfect souvenirs to remember the magical night.

But the enchantment doesn’t stop at the room! The Pajama Party Plan also includes an enchanting pajama party at the Ambassador Lounge where you’ll mingle with Minnie herself, dressed in the cutest pastel-colored pajamas. Guests will also be treated to a dessert plate featuring Minnie-inspired confections like macarons and donuts, served alongside decaffeinated tea. This is a must-experience for those looking to savor Disney magic in an intimate setting.

Beyond the Pajama Party Plan, the Disney Ambassador Hotel offers a nostalgia-imbued experience that channels the charm of Disney characters throughout its décor. From the grand lobby mural featuring Disney pals piloting a retro airplane to the golden Mickey and Pluto statue, every corner of this hotel celebrates the beloved Disney heritage.

Additionally, guests can choose other themed stays such as the Chip ‘n Dale Room (“Chip ‘n Dale’s Playground” Plan), which includes fun interactions with the mischievous chipmunks. The hotel’s varied Disney-themed rooms and special stay plans ensure a unique, immersive experience for every Disney lover.

What do you think about this fun new Minnie-inspired stay? Have you ever experienced a themed room at a Disney hotel? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this enchanting news with your Disney-loving friends and family, and let’s keep the excitement going!