Exciting news from Tokyo Disneyland! The iconic park has unveiled the name of its latest nighttime castle projection mapping show, and it’s set to enchant visitors of all ages. The new spectacular will be called “Reach for the Stars,” and it promises to illuminate the skies with the magic and wonder you’ve come to love from Disney.

Scheduled to premiere on September 20, 2024, “Reach for the Stars” will bring a plethora of beloved Disney characters to life like never before. Notably, this show will mark the first-ever appearance of Marvel characters in a Tokyo Disney Resort’s entertainment lineup. Expect to see heroes like Iron Man and Captain Marvel light up the night alongside Disney favorites such as Tinker Bell, Hercules, Dumbo, Aladdin, WALL-E, Baymax, and Woody from “Toy Story,” whose famous line “Reach for the sky” partly inspires the show’s title.

The concept art reveals a dazzling Cinderella Castle surrounded by flying characters and vibrant pyrotechnics. This visual feast will take you on an imaginative journey above the clouds to a sparkling castle, inviting everyone to spread their wings and soar into the realm of dreams.

The 20-minute show is set to be performed once or twice daily and will include Disney Premiere Access, ensuring that each moment is filled with awe and splendor. Music director Ron Colvard, known for his work on “Disneyland Forever” and “World of Color — ONE,” brings his expertise to this project, enhancing the experience with a resonant score that complements the breathtaking visuals.

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