It’s a moment that Disney fans have been eagerly awaiting: the doors to Tokyo DisneySea’s newest expansion, Fantasy Springs, have swung open to the public! Featuring enchanting new lands inspired by Frozen, Peter Pan, and Tangled, this expansion promises a magical experience like no other.

Surprisingly, the grand opening day was much calmer than expected. Although there were crowds, the entry process was smooth and efficient, with minimal wait times. However, if you’re planning to dine at any of the three new restaurants—The Royal Banquet of Arendelle, Lookout Cookout, or the Snuggly Duckling—be sure to place your Mobile Orders early. By midday, all slots had filled up quickly, emphasizing the importance of prompt planning.

Ride enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that wait times were incredibly reasonable, with the longest queues being no more than 30 minutes. Those who opted for vacation packages with priority access akin to Lightning Lane experienced even shorter waits, some as brief as 10 minutes. The excitement doesn’t stop there, as the new lands boast vibrant attractions like “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey,” “Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival,” and “Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure,” each capturing the enchantment of their respective films.

Merchandise lovers weren’t left behind either, with quick-moving lines at Fantasy Springs Gifts ensuring a smooth shopping spree. Visitors received shopping tickets allowing for one substantial transaction, though some items were limited per guest. The allure even extended to nearby shops at Tokyo DisneySea’s entrance, where eager fans snapped up exclusive Fantasy Springs merchandise.

Character sightings added to the magic, with Mickey and Minnie debuting stylish new outfits in Fantasy Springs. We also spotted princesses like Rapunzel and Ariel near the Fantasy Springs Hotel, much to the delight of fans of all ages.

With so much to see and do, Fantasy Springs promises an immersive and magical experience. We’re excited to see how guests continue to experience this enchanting new addition to Tokyo DisneySea.

What are your thoughts on Fantasy Springs so far? Would you like to visit? Share your impressions in the comments and let’s get the conversation going! Don’t forget to stay tuned to Mickey News for all the latest updates from the magical world of Disney.