Exciting news, Disney fans! The Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort is now bubbling over with a delightful new experience to celebrate the latest preschool series, Disney Jr.’s Ariel. This enchanting event has taken over the new Downtown Disney LIVE! Stage, filling the air—and the hearts of guests—with tons of cheerful bubbles.

The show features a lively DJ spinning Ariel-inspired tunes that perfectly capture the spirit of the underwater adventures of young Princess Ariel and her friends. The newly opened green spaces at Downtown Disney have become a playground for bubbles, bringing an extra touch of magic to the warm California afternoons.

Nearby, a charming cart offers a selection of themed merchandise that helps guests join in the bubble fun and stay cool under the sun. This conveniently placed cart has everything families need to dive into the bubbly festivities.

If you haven’t heard, “Disney Jr.’s Ariel” transforms the beloved tale of “The Little Mermaid” into an animated musical series for preschoolers and their families. Each episode is packed with adventure and valuable lessons, bringing the multicultural elements of the Caribbean to life through music, food, and wondrous folklore.

This delightful bubble experience follows closely on the fins of a similar activation at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World. While Disneyland’s version enjoys a fixed location with lush green spaces, the Disney Springs activation playfully roams through the Marketplace District. For a taste of what’s happening over on the East Coast, be sure to check out our in-depth look [here](https://www.laughingplace.com/w/disney-parks/disney-jrs-ariel-activation-at-disney-springs/).

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Source: LaughingPlace.com