A magical evening turned awkward for two high school students attending a Grad Night event at Disney California Adventure Park last weekend. While riding the Pixar-Pal-A-Round, the famous Ferris wheel on Pixar Pier, the teens found themselves witnessing an unplanned display of affection from an unidentified couple in the same gondola.

Grad Nights, held on select evenings in May and June, offer Southern California high school graduates exclusive late-night access to Disney California Adventure. Typically, these events are filled with the kind of mischievous antics you might expect from teenagers—think louder-than-usual conversations and a few attempts at line-cutting. But this past weekend, the situation took an unexpected turn.

Isabela (@iamharperfinkle on TikTok) and her friend boarded the Pixar-Pal-A-Round ride, only to find that the couple sharing their gondola had other plans. In a surprising and uncomfortable twist, the couple engaged in blatant flirtation, seemingly unaware—or uncaring—about their audience of two.

A TikTok video capturing the incident quickly went viral, amassing over three million views and nearly 900,000 likes. Isabela humorously documented their plight, writing, “We’re stuck with this couple making out in the Mickey Mouse Ferris wheel.” The video was laden with comments from equally shocked viewers, with one user, @auravia_cosplay, sarcastically quipping, “You all sure are making a magical moment here at the world’s most magical place.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time inappropriate behavior has marred the Disneyland experience. Last year saw a man surprisingly strip and swim in the waters of “it’s a small world,” and another incident where parents allowed their child to urinate in the same ride’s pristine waters.

When faced with such uncomfortable situations, it’s always best to report the behavior to the nearest cast member rather than confronting the offenders yourself. Disney’s security team is well-trained to handle and de-escalate such situations swiftly and discreetly.

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