Ever pondered who the unsung heroes are that ensure Disneyland Resort stays enchanting every single day? Meet the Facilities Operations Services team! These dedicated cast members work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the magic alive, ensuring everything runs smoothly and remains in perfect condition. Let’s dive into the diverse roles within Facilities Operations Services, and uncover the amazing perks of being part of the Disneyland Resort family!

Disneyland’s Facilities Operations Services opens a world of opportunities across various trades, offering roles that are as creative as they are crucial. “Depending on the trade you hire into, you can be more creative. You’re working on attractions, vehicles, and equipment that either guests or cast members will be using, so safety is number one and professionalism is part of our daily routine,” shared Mike, a senior recruiter at Disneyland Resort. From electricians, pruners, and AC mechanics to operating engineers, plasterers, and tree assessment specialists, there’s no shortage of fascinating roles to choose from.

Anthony, an engineering services manager at the resort, enthused, “It’s pretty easy to see the results of your labors. You just have to walk through the park and see the smiling faces.”

Caring for its cast members is paramount at Disneyland Resort, which is why the benefits are as magical as the park itself. Comprehensive healthcare coverage starts from day one, with plans as affordable as $7 per week. Additionally, the Employee Assistance Program and legal support services ensure cast members have access to the resources they need, while Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives foster a community of belonging. “Using the resources that the company offers can be very helpful in building a better employee,” added Anthony.

Career growth at Disneyland Resort isn’t just a possibility; it’s encouraged and nurtured. Through apprenticeships, certificate courses, and leadership programs, cast members can enhance their skills and climb the career ladder. Anthony’s journey from being a sound mechanic to an engineering services manager, thanks to continuous learning and seizing opportunities, is a testament to the endless possibilities at Disneyland.

Adding to the allure are perks such as complimentary park access for cast members and their families, and discounts on Disney experiences and products, making each day feel like an adventure. “Experience, trade schools, certifications, military training, and union apprenticeships all are good traits for a candidate,” emphasized Mike.

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