Whenever folks set off on their travels, they often heap praises on the day’s highlights or the various sightseeing marvels that filled their itinerary. One might assume this rings particularly true for visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland, where enchanting rides and captivating shows steal the spotlight, occasionally relegating culinary wonders to the background. But my recent jaunt to this Disneyland as part of a media familiarization tour hosted by Klook, the travel platform, turned this assumption right on its head.

During my visit, Hong Kong Disneyland unveiled the new Marvel Super Heroes in Tomorrowland attraction, which runs until June 10, 2024. Accompanying the thrills was a delightful array of “superpower-infused food and beverages” that have certainly earned their place among the must-try experiences in the park.

Kicking things off at the Starliner Diner, the Iron Man Burger Combo isn’t just fuel for your Disney adventures—it’s an experience in itself. This meal pairs delicious bites with the innovative Coca-Cola No Sugar (otherwise known as Coke Zero) in a limited-edition Marvel Super Heroes design. By scanning the QR code on the package, guests can dive into an engaging Augmented Reality adventure featuring their favorite Marvel protagonists.

For quick refuels between the exciting battles of the day, treats like the Quantum Hot Dog, the Hulked-out Super Power Churro, and the new Spider-Man Popcorn Bucket (showcasing three different faces of Spider-Man) elevate the snacking experience to hero status. If you’re extending your heroic journey with an overnight stay, don’t miss out on the Marvel Heroes Mini Burger Skewers and the appetizing Ragnarok Medley at The Archivist inside Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.

But the culinary crusade doesn’t end there. Nestled in Mystic Point, the Explorer’s Club Restaurant invites you to embark on a gastronomic journey that’s every bit as adventurous as Lord Henry Mystic’s legendary travels. The restaurant’s upgraded “Explorer’s Semi-Buffet” menu tantalizes with international dishes inspired by global cuisines, including Moroccan lamb, Italian-style Mushroom Lasagna, and Indian Butter Chicken, among other exotic treats.

Don’t overlook this integral aspect of your Disney escapade! Put these spectacular dining options high on your itinerary for your next visit to Hong Kong Disneyland. And if you are heading there, consider booking through Klook for an enhanced experience.

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