Vignesh Shivan, along with his wife, the famed superstar Nayanthara, and their adorable twin boys, recently embarked on an exhilarating family getaway to Hong Kong. One highlight of their adventure? Reliving the magic at the enchanting Hong Kong Disneyland! Their Disney escapade brought a flood of memories for Shivan, who nostalgically reminisced about his first visit 12 years ago when he arrived with only slippers on his feet and Rs 1000 in his pocket—a humble start not many of his fans know about.

Taking to Instagram, Vignesh shared a touching post with heartwarming photos from their Disney day out. He poetically wrote, “Came here 12 years back, with slippers & 1000 rupees in hand for asking permission for Poda podi shooting. To get here with my lovely babies, my family felt sweet, emotional & satisfying @nayanthara #uyir #ulag as always! #LifeIsBeautiful #blessed #GodIsKind.”

Their journey through Hong Kong has been nothing short of spectacular. Apart from the magical kingdom of Disney, the family has been soaking up the vibrant culture, from exploring bustling marketplaces to savoring the city’s famed street food. Little Uyir and Ulag were seen enjoying themselves in the lively streets while Nayanthara and Vignesh strolled hand-in-hand, capturing the city’s eclectic beauty.

Hong Kong, with its rich blend of cultures and endless attractions, proved to be the perfect travel destination for the Shivan family. Their vacation photos, marked by smiles and wonderment, have captured the hearts of fans, illustrating a beautiful balance of family love and cultural exploration.

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