Hold onto your Mickey ears, sports fans! Disney, ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. are teaming up to bring an epic new sports streaming service called Venu Sports, and it’s gearing up to launch this fall in the U.S.

Pete Distad, the CEO of Venu Sports, couldn’t contain his excitement as he unveiled both the name and the logo for the new platform. “We feel Venu Sports perfectly encapsulates the spirit of a brand-new streaming home where sports fans can access a treasure trove of live events, all in one convenient location,” Distad said in a spirited announcement shared by The Walt Disney Company.

Venu Sports is set to be a game-changer, bundling ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros.’s vast arrays of sports networks, including all the fan favorites from ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC to FOX, TNT, and even the Big Ten Network. Imagine having access to the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, Formula 1, and the World Cup — all without the hassle of juggling multiple subscriptions!

But there’s more magic in store. While not every channel is currently onboard — with NBC’s Sunday Night Football and Premier League soccer still elusive — there is potential for bundling Venu with other beloved services like Disney+, Hulu, and Max. This could provide a one-stop powerhouse for all your streaming needs.

We’re still waiting on the final price tag, as Wall Street buzz suggests a monthly fee of around $40-$50, but there’s nothing official yet. Keep those fingers crossed for an announcement soon!

So, Mickey News readers, what do you think about Venu Sports? Is this the streaming service you’ve been waiting for? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to share this exciting update with your friends and family! For full details, check out the original IGN report by Adam Bankhurst [here](https://www.ign.com/articles/disney-fox-warner-bros-sports-streaming-service-reveals-name).