Exciting news for Disney fans and sports enthusiasts! By the end of 2024, select live games and studio shows from ESPN will find a new home on Disney+, as announced by Disney CEO Bob Iger during a recent earnings call. This move is a thrilling “first step” toward the launch of an enhanced stand-alone ESPN streaming service anticipated for fall 2025.

The decision to blend ESPN’s dynamic sports programming with Disney+ stems from early encouraging results of integrating Hulu content onto the Disney+ platform. Iger emphasized that this approach aims to make Disney+ a one-stop destination for top-tier content, including the exhilarating world of live sports. Imagine catching your favorite games and studio shows right alongside Disney classics, Marvel adventures, and Star Wars sagas!

Not stopping there, Disney is also blazing trails with a new sports streaming venture in collaboration with Fox Sports and Warner Bros Discovery, set to launch later this year. This service, dubbed “Spulu,” will bundle 14 linear feeds from various sports-centric networks. However, it won’t include content from NBCUniversal or Paramount Global, making it a unique addition to the sports streaming landscape.

ESPN is strengthening its coverage, encompassing key sports properties such as NCAA competitions and the expanded College Football Playoff. While specific games for Disney+ are yet to be confirmed, this integration promises to bolster engagement by conditioning viewers that sports will increasingly have a dedicated presence on the platform.

Disney’s streaming sector, especially through Disney+ and Hulu, has hit a financial milestone by posting its first profit, despite ESPN+ incurring a small loss. With this positive trajectory, Iger remains optimistic about achieving overall profitability for Disney’s entire streaming portfolio by the end of fiscal 2024. This goal was set back in 2019 and showcases Disney’s commitment to evolving with the digital age.

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For more details, check out the original article on Deadline. Photo Credit: Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.