Exciting news for Disney+ subscribers – live sports are coming to the platform, at no extra cost! That’s right, your beloved Disney+ is about to offer you even more value. CEO Bob Iger recently announced during the Disney earnings call that a “modest” amount of ESPN content would be integrated into Disney+ this year. This initiative aims to be the first step towards the full inclusion of ESPN content ahead of the launch of an enhanced ESPN streaming service expected in the fall of 2025.

But that’s not all! Those who already have an ESPN+ subscription will be able to access the full range of ESPN content directly on Disney+. Much like how you access Hulu through Disney+, an ESPN tile will be added – making it super convenient for sports enthusiasts to switch between gripping live games and their favorite Disney classics without leaving the app. This integration is set to happen smoothly later this year.

This announcement also ties into another sports-related streaming venture Disney is involved in, which is dubbed the “Super Sports Streaming App.” This new service, developed in partnership with Fox Sports and Warner Bros Discovery, has been causing waves, facing legal challenges and governmental scrutiny even before its official launch. Stay tuned for more updates on this as it unfolds!

Additionally, the big reveal comes alongside other positive news for Disney+. In the first quarter of 2024, the platform managed to post a $47 million profit, contrary to the expected $100 million loss. Despite this win, the broader streaming division, which includes Hulu and ESPN+, reported a loss of $18 million. Disney+ and Hulu are also gearing up for a stricter password-sharing crackdown expected to robustly start in June, a move inspired by Netflix’s successful strategy.

So, what does this mean for you, dear readers? Well, if you’re a sports fan eagerly following thrilling moments of action, while also indulging in Star Wars adventures or classic Disney tales, your experience is about to get even better. Fewer apps, more content, and seamless transitions – just what every fan wants!

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