Big News for Sports Fans: Disney, Warner Bros., and Fox Unveil Venu Sports!

Exciting times are ahead for sports enthusiasts! The collaboration between Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Fox is set to revolutionize how we watch live sports. This triumvirate has officially announced their new sports-focused streaming service, aptly named Venu Sports (pronounced like “venue”). With a fresh logo and a promise to deliver an accessible, all-in-one sports streaming platform, Venu Sports is right on track for a fall launch.

Pete Distad, the CEO of Venu Sports, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We are excited to officially introduce Venu Sports, a brand that we feel captures the spirit of an all-new streaming home where sports fans outside of the traditional pay TV ecosystem can experience an incredible collection of live sports, all in one place. As preparations for the platform continue to accelerate, we are singularly focused on delivering a best-in-class product for our target audience, built from the ground up using the latest technologies to engage and entertain discerning sports fans wanting one-stop access to live games.”

The service will consolidate sought-after live sports from top leagues and teams into a single app built specifically for fans. With its aptly named website,, visitors can already get a feel for what’s coming: “Welcome to the future home of sports streaming. Venu will bring the most sought-after live sports from the top leagues and teams, together in one place.”

It’s important to note that while the excitement is palpable, the launch depends on final regulatory approval, and the collaboration needs final agreement between the companies involved. Fox appears to be spearheading these efforts, as indicated by a label on the Venu website: “Launch is conditional on receiving regulatory approval and is expected for Fall 2024. This site is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Fox Corporation.”

As we gear up for this dynamic shift in sports streaming, we’d love to hear your thoughts! What are you most excited about? Which sports are you eager to stream on Venu? Share your comments below and join the conversation. And don’t forget to spread the word about Venu Sports with your friends and fellow sports fans!

Photo Credit: James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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