Did you know that Walt Disney once ventured beyond Disneyland’s magic and brought a sprinkle of his enchanting vision to Denver? Back in 1960, Walt Disney, alongside some notable investors, opened Celebrity Sports Center at 880 S. Colorado Blvd. in Glendale, Colorado, creating a unique fusion of indoor and outdoor amusements that delighted residents and visitors alike.

Celebrity Sports Center quickly became a favorite local hotspot. With its Olympic-sized swimming pool, thrilling water slides, 80 bowling lanes, a shooting gallery, 300 arcade games, a variety of fine-dining restaurants, and even a beauty salon, the park offered something fun for everyone. One memorable day saw over 500 young boys reveling in the pool during an open house for Denver Post carriers, highlighting the community spirit that Celebrity Sports Center fostered.

Despite being a hub of activity and festive celebrations, the center couldn’t meet its financial expectations initially and faced several challenges. The Walt Disney Company stayed committed to the park even after Walt Disney’s passing in 1966, but by the early ’70s, they shifted their focus to Walt Disney World, leading to the sale of Celebrity Sports Center.

Under new management, the park saw the introduction of exciting features like multi-story waterslides and continued to draw in crowds, averaging a million visitors a year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep the doors open. The center struggled with financial stability and safety concerns, eventually leading to its closure in June 1994. Demolition followed in 1995, making way for newer businesses.

Today, where the laughter and excitement of Celebrity Sports Center once echoed, you’ll find a bustling commercial hub, including chain stores like Staples and Whole Foods Market. The legacy of the park remains a sweet memory for many Denver locals who remember it as a place of joy and community.

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*(Photo credits to Denver Post via Getty Images)*