On National Camera Day – and to celebrate the occasion, two of Nikon USA’s best eagle-eyed professional photographers are exploring Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and offering tips to help you capture your own award-winning images in our new spectacular world.

Regular Disney Parks Blog readers know that in Pandora – The World of Avatar, the land is an attraction to explore in itself with a lush and vibrant landscape that boasts interactive Pandoran flora, pouring waterfalls and flowing streams – both day and night! And to help capture it all, Nikon USA’s Sr. Manager of Pro Relations Mike Corrado suggests starting with the right camera lens.

“You see the expansive landscape (of Pandora – The World of Avatar) so you think wide angle (lens) but you also see the details in the foliage and the flowers and really want to get close, so, a macro lens is really ideal to have,” Corrado said. “A zoom lens is probably the best thing to walk in with – it covers the wide angle and does a little bit of macro and gets some telephoto.”

The detailed landscape in Pandora – The World of Avatar is not only beautiful to photograph but some of it can also help you capture a perfect photo.

“You’re provided with all of these great structures (in the land) – whether it’s rock work or railings – whatever it is, place your camera on it and use it as a tripod,” Nikon USA Ambassador Ron Magill said.

Even though it seems all areas of Pandora – The World of Avatar offer remarkable photo opportunities, there are some top locations Corrado and Magill suggested trying when looking for the perfect image. Check out all five of the locations in the map above.