January 31 is International Zebra Day! Celebrate by sharing some fun facts about zebras with your friends and family.

  • At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you can spot Grevy’s zebra on Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. You can identify this endangered species by its wide, round ears and the patch of white on its snout before the stripes begin.

Wildlife Wednesday: Celebrate International Zebra Day

  • Aboard a Kilimanjaro Safaris vehicle, you may see Grant’s zebra. Their ears are more pointed and thin, and the stripes continue around their bellies.
  • At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can observe Hartmann’s zebra. Their bellies are white like Grevy’s zebra, but you can identify them by their thin, pointed ears.

Wildlife Wednesday: Celebrate International Zebra Day

  • A zebra’s stripe patterns are unique to each individual, just like a human fingerprint.
  • Animal experts believe the disorienting pattern of the stripes deter biting flies from zeroing in on zebras. Flies navigate by perceiving the light reflecting off of surfaces, and they prefer to land on solid dark surfaces. They will typically avoid zebras altogether.
  • Even at birth, a foal’s legs are already almost as long as those of an adult. Within 20 minutes of birth, the zebra is on the run and uses this amazing ability as its primary method to evade predators.
  • The hind legs of zebra can deliver powerful kicks to break the jaw of a predator, like a lion, and they can even run at top speeds of almost 40 miles per hour.