I’m diving full force into healthier habits in 2018. It’s both a blessing and a curse that my office is located at Disney Springs…let’s just say I’ve tried most of the offerings here, and more than a few of them fall into the “splurge” category! Luckily for you, I’ve discovered plenty of menu items that are both delicious and nutritious. Read on for a few of my favorites:

Taqueria Salad (Frontera Cocina): With petite baby gem lettuces, carrots, radishes, avocado, cotija cheese and tortilla strips, this salad dressed with avocado-lime vinaigrette has become my go-to when I’m craving greens. I usually add shrimp (always cooked just right), but it’s delicious with grilled chicken, too!

Spicy Tuna Roll (Morimoto Asia): Fresh tuna, spicy mayo and scallions work together to make every bite pure perfection. If you want to up the “good for you” factor, you can request brown rice in place of white at no extra cost. Tuna’s not your thing? Spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail, eel & avocado, California or vegetable rolls are also on the menu.

Fresh Fish of the Day (Paddlefish): Confession, well into my early 20s, I thought I “didn’t like” seafood. Turns out, I just hadn’t tried the right dishes! Today, fresh fish is one of my make-at-home staples, but if I’m being honest, I’d much rather let the culinary team and Paddlefish serve up their latest catch of the day. I’ve dined there several times, and there’s magic happening in their kitchen.

Delicious, Nutritious Meals are on the Menu at Disney Springs

Filet Medallion (STK): Did you know that filet mignon is one of the healthiest cuts of beef? Well, it is, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The 6-ounce portion at STK Orlando is just the right size for steak lovers who still want to show off their skinny jeans. To really stick to your resolutions, skip the mashed potatoes (pictured) and add an order of asparagus or a side of cucumbers & heirloom tomatoes instead.

Red Vine Pizza (Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza): Pizza doesn’t usually show up on the “healthy” list, but hear me out … with classic dough, red sauce, grated parmesan, ovalini mozzarella, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and an olive oil drizzle, the Red Vine Pizza from Blaze is a solid choice. Not that I’m saying you should, but you could have an entire pizza for 660 calories. Split it with a friend, and you’ll agree that it’s a smart choice, indeed!

While I’m certainly not a nutritional expert, the five favorites above always leave me feeling satisfied, but not stuffed. If you’re trying to improve your overall health and well-being, too, be sure to make choices that feel right to you! I can promise you this … if you look hard enough, there are lots of options that can help keep you on track.