This month, Sweet Treats has a little bit of holiday spirit at Magic Kingdom Park and Epcot! I’ve got peppermint-flavored goodness, cupcakes and more to share with you.

Starting off at Epcot, you’ll find a brand-new holiday cupcake at Sunshine Seasons. At Electric Umbrella and Liberty Inn, there will be holiday sugar cookies with green icing and sprinkles available as well as premium hot chocolate.

If you’re in the Norway pavilion, visit the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafé and you’ll find Kransekake, a traditional Norwegian confection that’s served both at Christmas time and at weddings. These cookies are typically presented in a giant stack – and are flavored with almond paste and hand-decorated with white icing and sometimes even chocolate.

Over at the Magic Kingdom, there are quite a few new surprises in store – such as the Sandy Claws Push-Cake Pop, now available all day at multiple quick service locations throughout the park, and the salted caramel pretzel at The Lunching Pad. This pretzel also comes with a holiday fondant topping.

At Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café, you’ll find yummy holiday churros with red and green sprinkles and served with chocolate sauce, and at Casey’s Corner, you’ll find a special holiday ornament brownie. If you’re in the mood for peppermint, there’s definitely a few options for you! Take a stroll on over to Fantasyland to Pinocchio Village Haus where you can now find peppermint gelato. Or sit down for a meal at The Plaza Restaurant on Main Street U.S.A., where you can order the Milkshake of the Month: a peppermint milkshake with raspberry sauce, whipped cream and a cherry. Also on Main Street, Plaza Ice Cream Parlor will also be scooping up a Peppermint Sundae, served in a waffle bowl with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, a cherry and peppermint candy cane sprinkles.

Main Street Bakery has a new chocolate cupcake filled with peanut butter mousse and topped with mocha buttercream, chocolate curls, and a white chocolate Lightning McQueen. You can also indulge in a delicious yellow cupcake filled with strawberry mousse and topped with raspberry buttercream, strawberry crispy pearls and a white chocolate Mickey and Minnie heart.