There was a time I used to take the bus to and from work everyday. It was simple, I didn’t have to worry about parking, and it was actually faster than if I was driving. I also use buses, subways and ferries while traveling on vacation. So, yes, I’m a huge fan of mass transportation systems. And here at Walt Disney World Resort, one of the great advantages of staying at a Disney Resort hotel is the transportation (the system is fabulous).

Walt Disney World Resort has a complimentary network of buses, boats and monorails transporting guests between Disney hotels, theme parks, Disney Springs, and Water Parks. How cool is it that you can either take the bus, the monorail or the ferry to go to Magic Kingdom Park? I think it’s quite magical to arrive at the park on the ferry and watch Cinderella Castle as it gets closer and closer.

Transportation at Walt Disney World Resort is air conditioned (you will be thankful during summer time), and there’s hardly any wait. My tip is to use free transportation, enjoy the scenic views with your family, your grandchildren and be stress free. On your next Disney vacation, leave the driving to someone else, honestly.

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