To say Disney’s new Pandora – The World of Avatar is popular, is the understatement of the summer. Guests have been lining up to experience the exotic world – and eager to introduce their kids to the world of James Cameron’s iconic film AVATAR. But the beauty of this world is that you don’t need to be an Avatar fan or a grownup to enjoy its beauty, splendor and playfulness. With its colorful landscape, awe-inspiring floating mountains and fun eats, it’s fit for explorers of all ages.

So for families with preschoolers, here’s my must-sees when visiting Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom:

  • One of the first things you encounter when you cross the bridge onto the Valley of Mo’ara is a giant plant called a Flaska Reclinata. Youngsters will squeal when they pound on the belly of the funky pink plant and watch as spores spew from its center – releasing steam.
  • Youngsters can thump on drums formed from roots and natural materials to create rhythms in an interactive drum circle. And several times a day there’s a 15-minute musical performance that brings big energy to Pandora while guests sing and dance along to the beat.
  • There’s healthful bounty at Satu’li Canteen, but kids won’t be disappointed with cool, alien-looking food. Cheeseburgers are called pods (steamed pods stuffed with ground beef, ketchup, cheese, etc.) and there are hot dogs wrapped in dough. And the glistening desserts won’t disappoint.
  • Little ones can set sail through a calm bioluminescent forest on Na’vi River Journey. Be sure to you look all around and spot the glowing blue plant leaves overhead that reveal the footprints of small animals scurrying across the leaves. And a bonus for parents – it’s indoors and air conditioned.
  • The day isn’t complete without a stop in Windtraders to check out all the fun merchandise. Be sure to hit the bead bar where kids can craft Na’vi-inspired necklaces using feathers and beads.