You are headed to the most magical place on earth. Resort reservations are made. Dining reservations are made, and every FastPass+ is secured. But what in the world should you pack? The Disney Parks Moms Panelists have been there and done that, and they have some great packing tips for your next Disney vacation.

“I only pack 4-days worth of outfits for our family’s week-long Walt Disney World Resort vacations,” Ashley explained. “Mid-week, I use the laundry facilities at our resort hotel to get everyone’s laundry done, so those outfits can be worn again at the end of the week. The best part? The laundry room sends me a text when my laundry is finished, so I can be relaxing by the pool instead of waiting by a washing machine!”

Don’t want to do laundry while on vacation? Then take the tip that several of our moms suggested, bring a pop-up laundry hamper or mesh laundry bag.

“Bring a mesh laundry bag!” said Jacqui. “It’s such a hassle to keep dirty laundry tidy on vacation, much less have to determine what’s been worn and what hasn’t been when you’re all getting ready for the day. The easy to pack mesh bag keeps all the dirty clothes tidy. At the end of the trip, just toss the bag in your checked luggage!”

Florida is known for warm temperatures and the occasional afternoon shower – which is why our panelists, including Lindsey P. – can’t stress the importance of sunscreen and rain gear enough.

“Don’t forget to pack those ponchos! Clear, reusable Mickey Mouse ponchos can roll up into a backpack, pulling out handily when a Florida popup shower rains overhead. The ponchos can also double as a protector from the mighty waters of Splash Mountain so you can go about your day in dry shorts. You can pick new ponchos up at any merchandise register and use them all summer long!”

And don’t forget the Ziploc bags, one of the most popular tips from our panelists!

“If you’re traveling with little ones, bring a box of gallon-size zipper-lock bags. They are great for packing diapers, underwear, and toiletries, but they are also awesome to have with you during your trip! You can use them to bring snacks with you during your theme park day and to hold wet swimsuits after a trip to the pool or water park,” Crystal explained.

Other top tips included portable cell phone chargers, coordinating t-shirts, your favorite Mickey ears, hand wipes and even pennies and quarters to be pressed!

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