Beginning Memorial Day weekend, Disney’s Animal Kingdom comes alive with an incredible array of evening entertainment, from live performers in the African village of Harambe to the all-new show “The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic,” allowing guests to experience the park in a magical new light.

As day transitions into night over the center of the park, a vivacious group of musicians and performers host a festive celebration of nature, the Discovery Island Carnivale, spreading from one end of the island to the other with lively music and dance, vibrant costumes, delectable food and drinks, and more. This exuberant gathering begins as a procession leading to the Discovery Island stage and continues well after dark with a joyous party featuring the Viva Gaia band and a spirited group of islanders.

Throughout the evening, you’ll also want to be sure and catch the Discovery Island Sunset Serenatas, as another of the island’s musicians electrifies us with a virtuoso performance on the Paraguayan harp. His fingers dance on the strings, as he raises his instrument toward the treetops in celebration of the magic of nature.

Like a beacon, the Tree of Life draws us to the heart of Discovery Island, and there, the animal spirits of the Tree reveal moments of wonder and enchantment, delighting those fortunate enough to have witnessed the spectacle and inspiring them to carry on the celebration.

It’s true what they say on Discovery Island – the more you look, the more you see! And you’re invited to see just how much fun you can have, when Discovery Island Carnivale begins later this month.