Luxurious Rentals, a fast-growing RV rental company operating throughout the U.S., is pleased to announce its listing as a Disney World preferred vendor. An endorsement from the Magic Kingdom is a big win for the company, and the stage is set for continued expansion. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground website now features a link to the Luxurious Rentals home page, along with more information on the available amenities and services.

“Exciting things are happening at Luxurious Rentals, and we are growing very fast,” says Robert Lemon, CEO & Founder. “We can’t believe some of the amazing celebrity clientele that have been in our RVs over the past 14 months, and we have added some new production units to serve this industry as well. We are looking forward to our new friendship with Disney and the Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground and are very proud to have been selected as a preferred RV rental vendor.”

To celebrate this new contract, Luxurious Rentals is in the process of adding a special new line of Disney-only units. Starting at $1,795 per week, these units – or any units in the company’s fleet – are delivered straight to Fort Wilderness. From there, renters can enjoy everything the campground’s 750 acres have to offer, from fully-equipped campsites that can accommodate the largest motorhomes, to the Meadow Swimmin’ Pool and waterslide. Visitors can also enjoy archery, canoeing and horseback riding. And when the day is done and the family is ready for down time, the luxury and comfort of a modern RV will be waiting, thanks to Luxurious Rentals.

Currently, the Luxurious Rentals fleet consists of almost 20 vehicles, all ranging in size from 35 to 45 feet. Some of the world’s best motorhome manufacturers are represented, including Fleetwood, Monaco and Forest River. All vehicles are privately owned, but expertly maintained and cleaned by Luxurious Rentals’ staff. In addition, Luxurious Rentals manages national advertising campaigns as part of ensuring the fleet is always busy, and that owners earn steady supplemental income from rentals.

Luxurious Rentals is continually adding new motorhomes to its fleet. The company serves the entire nation, with delivery and pickup available. Virtually any park, tourist attraction or big event is easily accessible via a luxury RV from Luxurious Rentals. The company frequently offers special rates in connection with events like the Daytona 500, Indy 500, summer vacations or national holidays. For everyone entertaining the idea of purchasing an RV of their own, Luxurious Rentals offers an opportunity to “test drive” a vehicle at an affordable rate. Meanwhile, the company encourages owners of luxury RVs to consider the lucrative business opportunity of partnering with Luxurious Rentals to make their vehicles available to qualified renters.

Fort Wilderness (PRNewsFoto/Luxurious Rentals LLC)

Fort Wilderness (PRNewsFoto/Luxurious Rentals LLC)