We are so pleased to welcome two red river hog piglets to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge! Chloe, a first-time mom, gave birth to two adorable males.

The piglets are already showing their personalities. They are more active than others we’ve cared for at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge; they like to wrestle and climb on their dad when he’s relaxing in the yard. Our keepers say Chloe is an excellent mom, and having two piglets is typical, as red river hogs usually give birth to two to four piglets at a time.

Red river hogs are born with striped patterning that helps them blend into the vegetation, which keeps them safe from predators. As they mature, their fur changes to a bright russet color.


The piglets will remain backstage until they grow a bit larger. Because the Sense of Africa program at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge includes a stop at the red river hogs’ home, a small number of guests have been able to see the piglets up close, and we understand they were thrilled with the sneak peek!