Each month I will be sketching from the field or Plein Air, as it’s called in the art world, from a new, inspiring location in our Disney Parks and then sharing my sketches and experiences here on the blog each time. Today, I continue my Sketches from the Park series as I started off early this morning in beautiful Norway at Epcot.

Right away my attention was focused on the magnificent stave church in Norway. It was a quiet, cool morning here at Epcot as the sun started to rise in the distance and just start to touch the top of the steeple. The park began to come alive again this time as well, as I heard all the birds starting to sing and the rush of the waterfall behind me near the town square. It became a very zen-like moment as I dipped my brush into my paint and starting to lay down a little bit of watercolor after my initial ink pen sketch. I really love starting my day this way and leave each time feeling really inspired for the rest of my day. Can’t wait to go back!