A whole new land … and a new opportunity for tweens!

As I’ve previously mentioned in this column I have a tween daughter. Sadly, she has yet to step into the all-new Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Having spent quite a bit of time in this new extraordinary land over the past several weeks, I am determined to create the perfect day … and night … for her to fully experience the best Pandora has to offer to kids her age.

Here’s my list of the top nine things I think she and other tweens will enjoy!

1. Stroll Through the Land – My daughter may be all about her electronics and fast-moving action, but I am sure she will be wowed by the stunning beauty of Pandora. She’s seen portions of the movie AVATAR, and to see the setting of the movie come alive in such a breathtaking manner will impress her to no end. Before she ventures off to experience the attractions, I want her to take in the sheer beauty of it all. And if you or your tweens haven’t seen the movie, you’ll still love the land.

2. Ride the Na’vi River Journey – I truly believe this incredible trip through the bioluminescent forest will set the stage for her entire day.

3. Stop at the Colors of Mo’ara Face-Painting Kiosk – After spying the Na’vi in the bioluminescent forest during the Na’vi River Journey attraction, my daughter will be ready for a transformation herself! So many options to choose from, but I believe she’ll want to have her entire face painted blue to look like a Na’vi herself.

4. Nibble on a Cheeseburger Pod – Satu’li Canteen is unlike any other Walt Disney World Resort eatery and I just know she will adore the cheeseburger pods on the new menu. They’re unusual, yet familiar too.

5. Sip on a Night Blossom – Pongu Pongu specialty kiosk offers a variety of cool and refreshing drinks. The non-alcoholic Night Blossom is filled with fruity flavors — the perfect frou frou treat for my daughter.

6. Cuddle a Direhorse – One look in my daughter’s bedroom and one sees a multitude of stuffed animals. She loves to adopt creatures of all kinds. And an adorably blue Baby direhorse or hexapede to cuddle will be a perfect addition to her collection.

7. Selfies at the Overlook – Tweens love to take selfies! The overlook area of Pandora provides the perfect selfie backdrop, with its lush and colorful plants and spectacular views of the waterfall and floating mountains.

8. Soar on the Back of a Banshee – I would save the most thrilling attraction for last, as the Avatar Flight of Passage ride is truly like no other. While it’s thrilling, in every way, I’ll be eager to see if she finds it as beautiful as all the people who’ve been brought to tears by it!

9. Return to Pandora at Night – A day in Pandora will make you hungry for dinner. Just across the bridge from Pandora is Tiffins. This signature restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious dinner before returning to Pandora to see it glow with bioluminescence.

My daughter has never experienced anything as magnificent as this land at night, and I can’t wait to share it with her.