Have you ever dreamed of exploring Pandora – The World of Avatar coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom later this spring?

Well, now is your chance with VisitPandora.com.

Guests of VisitPandora.com can learn about the floating mountains, flying banshees and other flora and animals of the exotic world.

VisitPandora.com was created by Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE), the exclusive provider of tours to Pandora – The World of Avatar – taking you inside this extraordinary environment – up close and personal.


Visiting this site, you can see first-hand how the team at ACE can transport you to Pandora to check-out the experiences that await you there.

In addition, you also will be able to get more information about travel to Pandora through Visit Pandora’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. There ACE’s field experts, scientists and others from the land sharing photos and videos of their expeditions.

And coming soon to VisitPandora.com will be your official ACE “experts,” who will take questions from guests about their future journeys through Pandora.

If you’re wondering – how do they do it? Well, that’s proprietary.

But, the result, is a breathtaking journey to another world!