Disney-ESPN’s Andscape is about to bring a revolution on Hulu this June 24th with a brand-new documentary, “BREAKIN’ ON THE ONE.” Directed by the innovative JamsBash, known for his work on “Pause with Sam Jay” and “The Day Ones,” this eye-opener delves into a significant landmark event that changed the face of American culture forever: the 1981 breaking battle between the Rocksteady Crew and the Dynamic Rockers at New York’s Lincoln Center.

Imagine a hot August day in 1981 when the Out-of-Doors Festival at Lincoln Center became the stage for an epic showdown. The dance-off between these legendary crews became more than a mere competition; it turned into a cultural phenomenon that rippled through hip hop, dance, race, and politics. “BREAKIN’ ON THE ONE” unearthed archival footage from the ’80s and featured interviews with those who lived through this transformative era. The documentary captures how breakdancing evolved from a niche urban art form into an Olympic sport, celebrated worldwide.

“Ahead of its Olympic debut this summer, we are thrilled to bring the story of breakdancing to our audiences,” shared Jason Aidoo, VP and head of Andscape. “This documentary is a testament to the impact breakin’, The Rocksteady Crew, and Dynamic Rockers have had on our culture.”

Director JamsBash is especially excited to shine a spotlight on these pioneers. “We are incredibly stoked to help tell the story of these amazing dancers. Kids from Black and brown communities in New York created a unique art form that’s now an Olympic Sport. We love that a small part of that origin is now being celebrated on film,” he noted. “Collaborating with Andscape to bring this documentary to audiences was a no-brainer. We can’t wait to share this little bit of the culture with the world.”

Marsha Cooke, Vice President of ESPN Films, added, “‘Breakin’ On The One’ is a celebration of the community that revolutionized dance and brought people together globally. We are thrilled for this story to finally be recognized and to bring it to audiences across the globe.”

Don’t miss this incredible documentary dedicated to the creativity and cultural impact of breakdancing. It’s not just a film; it’s a celebration of resilience, movement, and community spirit. Be sure to tune in on June 24th on Hulu and feel the rhythm that shook the world.

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