Growing up, classic Disney cartoons were a delightful escape, bringing laughter and joy with every story. Among the treasure trove of characters, Donald Duck has always been a standout, with his unmistakable voice and comically temperamental personality. As we celebrate 90 incredible years of this beloved character, the Walt Disney Company has unveiled a series of commemorative items that both longtime fans and new admirers will absolutely adore.

In honor of this milestone, Disney has launched a collection of merchandise that takes us on a nostalgic journey through Donald’s life and adventures. At the forefront is a special edition Loungefly backpack, available exclusively through BoxLunch. This stylish accessory is crafted with Donald’s iconic colors and intricate details, making it a must-have for any Disney enthusiast looking to celebrate in style.

Donald Duck’s enduring appeal lies in his relatable, everyman frustrations and quirky antics. This charm has earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and his webbed footprints cemented outside the iconic Chinese Theatre. These accolades are a testament to his lasting legacy and incredible popularity worldwide.

Further celebrating his cinematic legacy, The Walt Disney Studios Restoration and Preservation Team is set to release two newly restored classic shorts on Disney+ on June 9. Directed by Disney Legend Jack Hannah, “Crazy Over Daisy” and “Out on a Limb” capture Donald in his vintage form, clashing hilariously with his perennial foes, Chip and Dale. These shorts highlight the timeless humor and animation artistry that have made Donald Duck a cornerstone of Disney’s storytelling.

Adding to the excitement, Disney has also introduced a special plush featuring Donald’s famous heart eyes, encapsulating fans’ love for this enduring character. As this summer-long celebration continues, both Disney and Mickey Mouse’s Instagram pages promise additional surprises and delightful updates.

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