Mickey Mouse hit the spotlight at Disneyland Paris in a vibrant way this June, marking a significant shift in how Disney celebrates inclusivity. This year, the friendly, iconic face of Disney made its debut in dazzling Pride-themed attire, joining the colorful parade in a grand celebration of diversity and acceptance.

This transformation is, in part, due to the arrival of Mickey’s early black-and-white persona, Steamboat Willie, into the public domain. While Disney maintains staunch protection over more recent iterations, this change is a landmark event in Disney’s long history, prompting both celebration and consideration of Mickey’s evolving role and representation.

At Disneyland Paris, rather than a separate ticketed event, Pride festivities in the parks now welcome all guests. Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, Clarabelle Cow, and others donned spectacular rainbow outfits, spreading messages of positivity and inclusion throughout the park. TikTok user @my_castle_club captured the spirit of these celebrations, sharing a video showcasing the lovely Pride parade with Mickey and friends radiantly leading the way.

The celebration didn’t just bring joy—it also spotlighted Disneyland Paris’s ongoing commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community. This commitment echoes back to Disney’s 2022 stand against the “Don’t Say Gay” law, demonstrating resilience and an enduring pledge to inclusivity.

Disney Parks fans are thrilled by these changes, embracing the festive atmosphere and the company’s bold support for Pride. As Disneyland Resort readies its own Pride Nite, guests can look forward to similar inclusive experiences, albeit for now uniquely radiant at Disneyland Paris.

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