Since the early 1920s, the wonderful world of Disney has been enchanting audiences with its vibrant characters. Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks started with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but after losing the rights, they struck iconic gold with Mickey Mouse in the groundbreaking short *Steamboat Willie*. Yet, it’s not Mickey who holds the record for appearing in the most Disney projects—it’s our feathered friend, Donald Duck.

First appearing in 1934’s *The Wise Little Hen*, Donald’s unique voice and fiery temper quickly made him a standout. With his sailor suit, cap, and that unforgettable, often unintelligible voice provided by Clarence “Ducky” Nash, Donald captured hearts and sparked laughter across the globe. Unlike his typically upbeat pals, Donald’s endless series of misadventures and outbursts made him intensely relatable, cementing his legacy in countless cartoons, films, and TV shows.

Over the decades, Donald’s popularity soared. In classics like *Modern Inventions* (1937), *Der Fuehrer’s Face* (1943), which won an Academy Award, and *Donald Gets Drafted* (1942), he showcased his incredible versatility and resilience. Whether battling futuristic gadgets or appearing in wartime propaganda films, Donald reflected the humor and hardships of the times, making him a cultural icon.

As Disney expanded into TV, Donald remained a constant presence. He featured in *DuckTales*, *Quack Pack*, and *House of Mouse*, continuing to endear himself to new generations. His cinematic appearances in *The Three Caballeros* and *Mickey’s Christmas Carol* further demonstrated his timeless appeal and adaptability.

Today, Donald is a staple in Disney theme parks worldwide, from meet-and-greets to attractions. His legacy extends even into video games like the *Kingdom Hearts* series, proving that his charm is unstoppable. Donald Duck’s journey from a supporting character to the most featured Disney icon is a testament to his enduring appeal and the joy he continues to bring.

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