Step into the swirling world of emotions once more as Disney and Pixar unveil “Inside Out 2” this weekend! Taking the director’s seat for the highly anticipated sequel is Kelsey Mann, embarking on a seemingly daunting adventure in his first-ever directorial role. Stepping into the shoes of the legendary Pete Docter, Chief Creative Officer of Pixar and the director of the original “Inside Out,” Mann embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and a heartfelt mission: to continue the story that left us all curious.

Mann confessed that it was Joy’s lingering question from the first film—“After all, Riley is 12 now, what could happen?”—that ignited his passion to helm the sequel. “I really wanted to tell more of Riley’s story and explore how she navigates new emotions as a teenager,” Mann explained. Indeed, “Inside Out 2” will introduce us to new characters like Anxiety, reflecting the ever-changing emotional landscape of a young teen.

“Bringing this story to life was about connecting with my own teenage self,” Mann revealed. “The emotional rollercoaster I experienced then helps me relate to the changes Riley is facing now, and similarly, the changes I’m encountering as a first-time director.” His journey has been heavily inspired and guided by Pete Docter, from whom he learned the importance of trusting and empowering his crew to deliver the magic.

One of Mann’s innovative directorial decisions was to expand the film’s visual scope. “Riley’s world is growing, and it’s important that this growth is mirrored visually,” Mann stated. “We’ve increased the aspect ratio, creating a wide, immersive canvas to capture the breadth of her teenage experience.” His aim is to create an expansive world that audiences can lose themselves in, just as he once did during his childhood movie outings.

The director’s own ‘core memories’ include going to the movies with his father, an experience that solidified his love for cinema. “One of my earliest and fondest memories is watching Star Wars in the front row with my dad,” he shared, underlining how those magical moments fuel his passion for bringing Riley’s journey to the big screen.

We can’t wait for you to experience the emotional, expanded universe of “Inside Out 2,” exclusively in theaters starting June 14. Share your excitement and thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to spread the word with your fellow Disney fans! Let’s continue the conversation and see how Riley’s new journey resonates with each of you. For more information, check out the full announcement from Disney [here](