In a heartwarming initiative, The Walt Disney Company and ESPN have brought a sprinkle of their signature magic to the Atrium Health Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte. The two entertainment giants have gifted the hospital with a mobile movie theater, providing young patients and their families a delightful escape into the world of Disney films.

This charitable donation, in collaboration with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, aims to create joyful moments for children battling severe illnesses. The mobile theater will feature complimentary access to Disney+, immersing kids in an array of beloved movies through the Disney Movie Moments program.

Miranda Thorpe, Vice President of Charlotte Office and Production Management for ESPN, emphasized the importance of bringing smiles to the young patients, “If we can bring a little bit of Mickey to your room, right in your bed and you’re laughing, we’ve accomplished it.” Indeed, this initiative reflects Disney’s ethos of spreading joy and optimism even in the most challenging circumstances.

Among the patients, Kim Traverse’s son JoJo, who has been receiving treatment at the hospital for years, found solace in this new offering. “Watching them laugh at the movie and have a good time is really nice,” Kim shared, highlighting the significance of these light-hearted moments during tough times.

This partnership has rekindled happiness within the hospital walls, creating cherished memories for patients and their families. As Kim puts it, “Any kind of joy that can be brought into their lives is important.” Such heartfelt statements underscore the profound impact of this generous contribution.

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